Thursday, August 8, 2013

tshirts to change the world

The whales call to me. Their songs echo around my brain. They've gotten tangled up in my heart. 

And I'm lucky- because I've got an awesome family. They have been willing to rally beside me as soon as I came to them with my new-found passion.

I know change for these animals is possible, because a change happened in me. I love animals. Like, my dog. (No seriously, I LOVE my dog. Have you seen my instagram?) But I've never been a huge tree hugger or anything. A short time ago, I didn't really care about cetacean freedom. Then a light bulb went off. 

It took a visit to SeaWorld for me to really "get it." I know other people are going to change their minds too, as they get more educated. I want to help that happen. 

So how do you start to change the world?

DUH! Make homemade T-Shirts!!

That is my awesome sister. She has really good fabric paint handwriting.

Oh, and Daisy Mae. The cutest little anti-captivity activist you've ever met.

Katie pre-tye-dyed her shirt, because,
"It needs a hippie vibe. I mean, we are saving the whales."

I am now a walking billboard for whale freedom. Mission accomplished.

We have a system: I paint the front, she paints the back.

If you want to wear one of our t-shirts, we want to get you one! What we really want is the word to get out. Send me a message if you're interested!

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