Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shady SeaWorld Q&A video

Bro, its a VLOG!

"I got straight up lied to at Sea World. The fault cannot be placed on the employees themselves, because many of them simply do not know better. They have been fed false information from corporate and asked to pass it on. As I say in the video:

"Sea World, as a corporation, has to come up with alternative, pleasant-sounding answers to difficult questions, because if those questions were answered truthfully, there would be an outcry. The information is too disturbing. So their solution to that is to lie to their employees, and have their employees lie to park guests without being aware of it."

One of the things I forgot to address in full detail was "breeding." In the park, I was told by employees that reproduction was a clear sign that the animals were happy and emotionally content in captivity. He failed to mention, (or maybe didn't even know) that  SeaWorld has an artificial insemination program that it uses to breed whales. Not to be super crude, but they had trained their bull male, Tilikum, to present his genitals to trainers. Semen is then collected and injected into females.

Wala! You've got brand new baby whales.

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